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Tutor, Intern and 

We love reading!  

We began our careers as educators dedicated to sharing that love of reading with our students whom we love and for whom we care deeply.  We, Krystle, Lauren, and Mandy, soon found our way to learning and implementing the multisensory, Structured Literacy Approach based on the Science of Reading with our students who struggle with reading.  Mandy also found her way into using SIM (the Strategic Instruction Model) learning strategies with students, which Krystle and Lauren also use to teach vocabulary, comprehension, and written expression.  We teach and tutor reading, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing to our students.  As specialized reading tutors, all of our work is based on what has been called the Orton-Gillingham approach, the explicit phonics approach, and the various specific programs in which we have been trained such as the Wilson Reading System, Wilson Fundations, Mayerson Academy, University of Florida Literacy Initiative, and the S.P.I.R.E. reading program in which we have become trainers and instructional coaches.  We are eager tohelp our colleagues learn and implement this instruction with fidelity, thus reaching more students and their families.  As you know the need to raise literacy levels in our community and across the nation is huge.  Will you join us?

Within a spirit of joy, we strive to share the love of reading with our students through our instruction as tutors.  We also strive to share the love of teaching reading with our colleagues as fellow travelers on the journey towards literacy for all!  Now is the perfect time to love reading!

  • We believe that all of us learn and grow constantly. 

  • We believe it is never too late to learn to read.

  • Our goal is to help students learn to read.

  • Our mission is to reach and teach.

  • We care about our students.

  • We are colleagues.

  • Love 2 Read!

Just Facts:

15 to 20% of our total population have symptoms of dyslexia, however not all will qualify for special education services in our schools.


13 to 14% of students in the U.S.A. are identified as qualifying for special education services in our schools.


50% of those students are identified as having a learning disability.


85% of those students are identified as having a disability in reading and language processing.

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